What is BJJ?

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a sports based martial art centered around self defense. Originating from Japanese jiujitsu it was introduced into Brazil in the twentieth century and was modified there by the Gracie family into the ever changing Brazilian sport we see today.

Active study can promote a healthier life and improve an individuals ability to face both mental and physical challenges calmly and confidently. These physical and psycological skills can easily transfer into everyday life situations helping students to be calm and organized in their thoughts and actions in a multitude of challenging situations.

Nelson BJJ seeks to provide a friendly training enviroment catering for all levels whether for general fitness, cross training self defence, or competition. BJJ has proved to be popular with both sexes and across all age groups. Student do not require previous knowledge although a modest level of fitness would be reccomended to start with.

There is no age limit Рin fact many students come to BJJ later in life. The focus on technique based around leverage means that even the smallest of players can achieve successfull results. Internationally brazilian jiu jitsu is a thriving martial art with high levels of participation from both male and female athletes.